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Creating new income sources is like sex – you only get good by doing it (preferably a lot).

In My Lab Creating New Income Streams...

Hi...James Altucher here,

Thanks so much for requesting my “Backdoor Investing Checklist”.

I'm sending that to the email address you provided right now, but before you check your inbox I need you to read this...

Because now that you have this checklist, you'll be able to follow the same process I do.

But I want to help you get started even faster so...

Today I am going to help you launch a new income stream (if you want).

I’m doing this for two reasons:

First, because I don’t like when one person can make or break me.

  • A boss...
  • A publisher...
  • A TV producer...
  • A buyer of my company...


At any one point I’ve had to kiss ass to all of the above.

I hate it.

I will NEVER do it again.


If you feel the same way, then I want to help you.

And the only way to avoid being crushed financially is to diversify your income sources so no one person can destroy you.

The average rich person has seven sources of income.

While the average poor person has one source of income.

Middle class people can be broken by a boss, a manager, or the failure of the business they work for.


They can go to sleep at night and wake up without a way to feed their family.

The path from one income to seven or ten sources of income isn’t always easy...

But it’s also not always as hard as you might think.


The problem is: Most of us were trained to think money only comes from getting a job.

They don’t teach you how to build alternate income streams in school.

There isn’t a “passive income 101” in any college catalog.

Creating new income sources is like sex – the only way to get good at it is to do it (a lot).

If you want to create new sources of income– I will partner with you to do it.

So what kind of income stream can you start right now, today?  

I recommend starting with a passive one.


Because one of my most important rules for being an entrepreneur is: lazy is best.

If you have to work another 40 hours a week in order to make any money, then you might as well have two full-time jobs.

That’s no life.

I’m lazy. I like my money coming in for as little work as possible (preferably as fast as possible)

The truth is: making money doesn’t have to take a lot of your time.

It’s hard for people trained to think a “job = income” to understand that.

You’re supposed to believe if you work hard you’ll make more money.

That you get paid based on how many hours you put in...

That’s a lie.


There are plenty of other ways to make money.

You don’t have to do work every day… not every week… or even every month (remember: lazy income is good).

And I’m going to prove it to you today.

First, I want you to ask yourself...

If you think every income stream has to pay you as much as your job, then you’ll never build seven income streams.

Some of my best income streams started out small… a few hundred dollars here, a few thousands there … but they grew year by year.

The point is: you have to START.


By now you know that in today’s “idea economy” you have to develop your “idea muscle” by coming up with ideas.

Those ideas are what will turn into income for you.

You also have to develop your “income muscle” - and you do that by practicing turning ideas into new income streams.


And having multiple income streams gives you more than just money.

If you can get an income stream started today that only pays you $1,000 or $2,000 THIS YEAR – but takes you almost no time… then do it.

Even an extra $500, if it comes in consistently, is worthwhile.

For instance...

If you have 20 people paying you $500 a month then you have a $120,000 a year income.

But if one of those people “fires” you then you still have a $114,000 income.

On the other hand, if you have a $120,000 job then if one person fires you then you can’t pay your rent or mortgage, feed your family, or pay for anything else.


I’ve started a lot of businesses, I’ve launched a lot of income streams, some of them worked, a lot of them failed.

But I kept going. Even when it seemed like I couldn’t...

Today, I know I can start new income streams pretty much on demand because I’ve done it so many times.  (And because I’ve made so many mistakes.)


I learned by doing.

If you’d like to get great at generating new income streams, then let’s walk through one you can start today.

Here is the fastest way to launch a new source of passive income...


There are several ways to add a new income source...

This is one of my favorites.

I’ve used this model a lot of times over the years.

It’s doesn’t always work but there have been times I’ve made as much as $60,000 on every $1,000 I spent to start this kind of income source. (The one I’m talking to you about today you can start for under $50)

It’s fast, it’s easy (once you practice a little), and it takes virtually zero hours a week once you start it.

There are just three steps...


I’ll show you what they are and then I’ll walk you through a real world example.

In fact, I’ve done all three steps for you today.

And I did it for you based on what I see as one of the biggest passive income opportunities anywhere in the world today.

I’ll give you all of that today if you want it.

First, though, here is an overview of my process for this type of income source.

  • 1

    Identify a big trend in the business world.

    Not everyone is good at this part. I was laughed in front of millions of people once because I spoke up about a trend I saw (more on that below). Most people only recognize trends AFTER it’s too late to make money on them… or they do the opposite… they think a trend is dead even though it has decades left to go. Today I’ll show you one of the biggest trends in the world (that nobody is talking about).

  • 2

    Figure out what businesses are going to make the most money because of that big trend.

    I’ll do this part for you too today. I’ll do the heavy lifting.

  • 3

    Choose a profit model to use to get an income from that information.

    For example, you could start a business if you need a new source of active income (where you are doing all the work). If you’re after passive (lazy!) income, then usually you want to invest some money into one of the businesses most likely to cash in on the big trend you spotted.

That’s what you and I are going to do today.

Here is how our partnership will work:

I’m going to do all of the leg work...

I’ll show you one of the biggest trend in the world today in a minute.

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time researching to find which specific businesses will profit most from this trend.

And I’ve also chosen the best profit model to use to cash in on that information.


Plus, I’ve written out the exact steps you need to take in order for you to turn that information into a potential new source of income TODAY.

In exchange for my sweat equity I want a guarantee return of $7.


That’s it.

Just one $7 payment in return for taking you by the hand through this process.

And your part is to study what I lay out for you. To see what I did.

And, if you decide it’s the right move for you, put some small amount of cash (Could be $100 could be $1,000 or whatever you’re comfortable with) into starting your new income source.

You get to keep 100% of the profits you’ll make. My goal here is to help you flex your income muscle.


You may decide you want to go “all in” on this idea and put more into it.

Or you might feel better just starting it to get into the habit.

I don’t know.

You choose...

I just want $7 for the time I put in and the expertise I developed over the years.

I was laughed at in front of millions of people because of this idea…

In 2007 I saw the social media trend was going to dominate the digital advertising business.

I was laughed at in front of millions by everyone on screen with me at CNBC when I said Facebook would one day be worth $100 billion. (At the time it was worth maybe $1 billion).

Today Facebook has a market cap of about $340 billion.


Now, I didn’t start a social media site to try and compete with Facebook...

Instead I invested in every company I could find that served Facebook. Those were the companies who were going to be getting money from the trend.

I didn’t have to do any work to help Facebook grow.

I just invested and let Facebook’s trend do the work. It was a passive source of income – that’s why it’s the easiest one to start.

The Mega-Trend nobody is talking about (but everybody is relying on)...

A mega-trend is a big trend being fed by multiple big trends.

That means a lot of money is getting funneled into the mega-trend.


Right now there is a SINGLE mega-trend being fed by…

  • The push for fuel efficient cars...
  • The growth of mobile devices...
  • The unlocking of shale natural gas fields around the world...
  • Quantum computing & DNA computing...
  • The push for driverless cars by Google, Uber, and others...
  • The rise of 3D printing...
  • The growth of Robotics...
  • Private space exploration...
  • Advances in military technology...
  • Advances in medical technology...

And dozens of other major and minor trends that are ALL driven by advances in this one single area.

I just put together a special report detailing everything you need to know about this mega-trend...

I’ve outlined a way for you to use this trend to start your next source of income...

I did the research. I did the work...

I identified a series of businesses perfectly positioned to make money off this megatrend.

And I put together a special report with all the details on this mega trend.

I have a list of businesses positioned to profit on this mega-trend:

One of these companies just made 38% more money year over year.

Another increased earnings 50%.

Compare that to Apple’s 12% increase and you can see these two companies – which are both giants – are cashing in big on this mega trend.


And we’re just at the start of it...

I'll show you a way to cash in on this mega-trend - hands free.

It’s time to get addicted to starting new income streams – let’s get started…

I’m addicted to ideas.

The more ideas I come up with the more I need to come up with ideas… and the easier it is to do. And now I have an income addiction.

I love launching a new source of income – even a small one.

The whole goal of this post is to share that addiction with you...


If you want to have seven or more sources of income, then you just have to get started.

You have to turn this into a habit.

And I’ve done everything I can here to help you.

The final step… the step that will make all this worthwhile… is for you to agree to my terms then get my research.

If you guarantee a one-time $7 up-front payment to me as a return for the time I put into to mapping all this out, then I will hand you a new source of income on a silver platter...

I’ll even give you 30-days to decide whether you like what I share with you. If not just let me know and I’ll give you back the $7.

I’m not always right. I don’t pretend to be.

I can’t guarantee you will make money from my ideas. But I do my best.

Advice is 100% autobiography.

I’m just sharing the things that have worked for me. Maybe they’ll work for you. I hope so.


If you’d like to try, then simply click on the button below and I’ll send you all my research on the biggest mega-trend out there right now.

YES, James! Help me start a new potential income stream.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure this is right for you. That’s okay. Here are answer to some common questions I get about this...

  • q-iconWhy do you only want $7?

    I’ll give you three good reasons.

    First, this is an experiment for me.

    Second, if I was going to take more money, particularly a percentage of profits or something like then I’d be back in the fund world. That’s not what this site is. It’s not what I’m doing right now.

    Third, I’ll know that the people who are willing to share even a tiny amount like $7 in exchange for all my work are the ones I should be sending my top ideas too.

    It’s ok if people don’t like my ideas enough to invest $7. But this helps me to segment my readers into groups based on what they’re interested in so I can help each group.

    Not everyone wants more income.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yes & no.

    Yes, I will guarantee the $7.

    If you don’t think my side of this is worth that $7 then let me know within 30-days and I’ll return the full $7 to you.

    No, I can’t guarantee you will make any money from this idea. There are too many variables and I could always be wrong.

    I believe you will or I would not be making this offer – but there are no guarantees about what a business will do in the future. Or what will happen with a trend.

    I think this is the highest probability opportunity I see out there right now.

    Plus, the other point is to get you into the habit of starting new sources of income

  • q-iconHow much money – besides the $7 I give you — will I have to invest to get started?

    That’s up to you.

    You can literally put in as little as about $10 but then you won’t get much back.

    If your goal here is to just start the habit, then that’s fine…

    Go with that.

    If you want to make this a real potential income source, then you can start with a little more based on what you’re comfortable with.

    The details are in the report.

Bonus Habit: Look at the risk...

One habit I cultivate is looking at risk.

How bad can things get if I’m wrong?

That’s why I never like to put more than 2% of my net worth into anything – not a house, not a car, not an investment.

So ask yourself:

What is the risk of this decision for you? Just $7 and about 20 minutes of your time to read my research.

But the $7 isn’t really a risk because I’ll give that back to you anytime you ask within the next 30 days. So your risk for checking this out is about 20-minutes (or about 5 cat videos in internet time).


If you decide to follow my plan in the report then you’ll take on a little more risk. It could be risk to $100… or $500… or whatever.

The reward is twofold: you might make money on this idea.

And even if you don’t you’ll have started your habit of launching new incomes.

But you have to choose yourself...

This is what has worked for me. Maybe it will for you (or not).

If you want to try, then click this link:

YES, James! Help me start a new potential income stream.

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